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[ti]AE[/ti]Bellona (Dory)
Topic Started: Jun 29 2017, 10:17 AM (216 Views)
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breed (and type): Light, normal
class: tame
region: vagabond
notable facts: a well-loved pit fighter and hopeless romantic

  • personality: the pits can get dirty, and so can she, too. the sounds, the cheers, they make her tingle with excitement, calling out the wild and feisty beast within her. sometimes she would go as far as to boast of her sport as a travelling fighter. it's the glory of it all, that keeps her going. the adrenaline rush that she cannot live without- perhaps that is why she'd melted so easily to her bonded Fel, because they both would not dare stay their paws one second. there was a comfort in moving, in seeing new sights and meeting new people. as a whole, well, she is wholesome. observant and quick on her feet, even quicker in movement and in the skill of aerodynamics, a great skill to have in a fight. she's free-loving and a romantic, though not gullible for she can unintentionally carry her battle instincts along the way, and that would include careful assessment of character. she can be quite the tactician.

  • backstory: no, she was not washed. but she had been wild, although the statement was just what it was, and not something she could confirm, for she knew not and cared even less. she had a twin, but she did not think much of it. what was the benefit of a family who abandoned their losses? she understood and was happy now, anyway, auctioned off to an equally impressionable Fel, into a home afoot mountains and oceans and the worlds between.

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currently in a relationship with Tarkoth

  • plots: fite me idek

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